Who Is Steve Prefontaine?

His life was a race run too fast, and finished too soon. Steve Roland Prefontaine was the greatest American distance runner ever. Pre was seemingly unstoppable, at one point he held every American track & field record from the 2,000 to the 10,000 meters. But unfortunately for the world this magic came to an abrupt end. What happened that horrible night of May 30, 1975, when Pre died at the age of 24, should live on in the minds of all runners. Pre made running cool, he was loved all over the world. Pre made the idea of going out and running extremely hard from the start something heroic, not stupid. Steve said that “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift.” Pre gave us his gift, he ran every race as if it were his last. This is his last, this is the bell lap for Steve Prefontaine. Here he comes, off the last turn, into the homestretch, his eyes on the clock.
12:33, 12:34, 12:35... Go Pre!

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