Prefontaine Tribute from 1975 University of Oregon Yearbook: this is the special 2 page tribute to Steve Prefontaine from his alma mater’s 1975 University of Oregon Yearbook. This is a color professional copy of the two-page spread captured in a high quality laminate, size 12″ x 18″ and is perfect for display in a variety of venues and protected forever. The tribute features 4 Pre pictures and a picture of the scoreboard stopwatch from the Memorial Service in his honor held at his track, Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. As you likely know as a Pre fan, he was tragically lost in May of 1975, in an auto accident, taken away far too young at 24. His great college home honored him in the 1975 Oregana (U of O Yearbook). The yearbook is very hard to find and this tribute was made from an actual yearbook and laminated for display and protection and is a must for any Pre fan. Note the full-page profile photo of Pre taken just before his last race. Opposite are 3 different Pre photos from 1971, 1972 and 1973 during his Duck years, spanning his college career showing him adored by young fans who idolized him and hugging a fellow runner. The remaining photo shows the Hayward Field stop watch displayed on the scoreboard clock with 12:36.2 showing the 3-mile world record Pre sought and was the planned elapsed time for the memorial service as one last tribute to arguably America’s greatest distance runner and certainly it’s most inspirational. The accompanying text describes the photos and captures some of his spirit, covering his victory laps, the description of his death and his records. This is a great Pre memorabilia item. Go Pre!


12″ x 18″
Black & White with tinge of pale green

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