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A Tribute

When you think of Steve Prefontaine, what do you think of?
I think of Pre leaving his entire heart and soul on the track.
Pre used to say that he didn't win races because he was the fastest,
He said it was because he could endure more pain than anyone else in the world.
I think of Pre on that dark night way up on Birch Lane,
I see his gold MGB careening around the curves in the same
Aggressive manner with which Pre drove into the homestretch.
I think of Hayward Field, and of Pre's people,
Both silent now.
It's still Hayward Field, and Pre's people are still there,
But it's infinitely different.
I think, what if?
What if May 30 had never happened?
Why did it have to be Steve?
And then I remember lastly,
All that Pre did for every single American Athlete.

Thank you for everything Steve. Go Pre.

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